Valerie Hector: The Artwork of Beads: Historic Inspiration, Modern Design – Guide Evaluation

Örnek Resim

Valerie Hector & # 39; s Bead artwork: historic inspiration, trendy design (ISBN 0-8320-0307-8) An fascinating mixture is the historic and cultural evaluation of assorted bead traditions and the presentation of works by modern designers who had been impressed by these traditions.

There are lots of books on trendy bead design, in addition to many bead making histories (which can date again to 75,000, see
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The e-book discusses the traditions of many ethnic and historic beads:

  • Han Beadwork (China (mainland))
  • Outdated Japanese beads
  • Kathi Beadwork (Gujarat, India)
  • How & # 39; dan Toraja Beadwork (Sulawesi, Indonesia)
  • Straits Chinese language Beadwork (Penang, Malaysia)
  • Kenyah Beadwork (Indonesian / Malaysian Borneo)
  • Ambai Island Beadwork (Indonesian New Guniea)
  • Egyptian Beadwork
  • Yoruba Beadwork (Nigeria)
  • Maasai Beadwork (Kenya)
  • Dinka Beadwork (Sudan)
  • Xhosa Beadwork (South Africa)
  • Ndebele Beadwork (South Africa)
  • Msinga (Zulu) Beadwork (South Africa)
  • Seventeenth Century English Beadwork
  • JM van Selow Beadwork (1760s Germany)
  • Wiener Werkstätte Beadwork (1920s Austria)
  • Funerary Beadwork (France)
  • Plains and Plateau Beadwork
  • Achomawi / Atsugewi Beadwork (California)
  • Huichol Beadwork (Mexico)
  • Chimu Beadwork (Peru)
  • Every chapter offers a quick overview of the historic bead custom, generally with fascinating anecdotes (I preferred the "bead bushes" that beads are prone to come from), adopted by initiatives by trendy bead artists based mostly on every of those traditions. Every undertaking is proven with pictures and detailed diagrams.

    The general impression is of the unimaginable creature of the human thoughts that has reworked this small tradition into a stunning and great creature for therefore lengthy. Even if you happen to're not desirous about recreating any of the designs introduced right here, The Artwork of Beadwork It's an enchanting e-book that you simply'll in all probability come again to once more.

    Örnek Resim

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