Ways to use whiteboard animation videos in your business

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In recent years, the use of videos to promote business has steadily increased. Nowadays, people use pencils, markers and drawings to present their ideas and connect with people. Video scribing is now the latest technology in organic messaging.

This method is also known as whiteboard animation. It picks up the drawing from its designated time and place and allows you to upload, send and share it. Many companies are now looking at ways to leverage business animation videos to their advantage. There are many possibilities, but the most effective ones are:

front page

Of course, whiteboard animation is an excellent tool to tell your story. You can use this video to tell a nice story about how your products or services fit into your consumers' lives and enhance their experience. It may contain a brief explanation of the product or service, the company history, or the main principle that sets you apart from your competitors. Keep videos of this nature short, usually no more than 2 minutes.

Immersion in special features

In addition to using these videos to tell your top stories, they are perfect for explaining detailed specific processes, products or services. At first, consumers are not looking for complex explanations. However, the more you click through your videos, the more they are interested in your business. You should keep them up to date by providing more details about specific services or products they are interested in. Keep these videos shorter than 5 minutes.

information graphics

Whiteboard animation videos are great for information graphics or infographics. These videos display all information about a specific topic. At the same time, charts and statistics are compared side by side.

If you want to grab the attention of the beholder, you should use pictures and entertaining graphics. A whiteboard animation transforms the statistics and facts into motion. This has profound implications for the viewer as they can see these things graphically.

Advocacy and innovation

You can also use a whiteboard animation to share your company's ideas about education, the social environment, and motivation. Such videos can influence the thoughts of the audience and bring about changes.

If you are dealing with problems that are not yet real, you can use the imagination to show the audience what is possible. The biggest advantage of whiteboard animations is that they are not limited to photography or video and can achieve a deeper imagination with little effort.

Örnek Resim

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